DevOps - are we there yet?

The digital tidal wave has spurred a sea change in bringing development and operations out of their siloes and into alignment with the rest of the organization. DevOps, a close companion to Agile, is one of the keys to making IT a relevant partner for lines of business. Some organizations are still working to understand the technology, but it can lead to dramatically faster release cycles when used correctly.

This white paper gives a practical view of DevOps and how to apply it, especially for organizations on the digital transformation journey. DevOps doesn’t work just because your company adopts it—it has to be put to use in the right way.

Topics include:

  • DevOps in the digital world
  • Understanding the myths and challenges of applying DevOps
  • Answers to the big question: Where do we start?
  • Key success factors

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with DevOps.

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