P&G transforms consumer engagement with a multi-channel digital marketing platform

How do you overhaul the digital presence operations of one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) conglomerate? With 65+ unique brands across 80 different countries, where do you even begin?  When Mindtree set out to do just that for Procter & Gamble in 2009, it embarked on a transformational journey that would make history.

The journey started by decoupling P&G’s digital marketing ecosystem where the technical and creative agencies focused on their respective strengths to realize the brand’s vision more efficiently. This was followed by standardizing execution of digital marketing production for all of P&G’s 800+ online properties. A few years into the partnership with Mindtree, P&G started building a new multi-channel digital presence platform that would eventually become one of the world’s largest digital marketing ecosystem for a single company.

The results: a 33% reduction of costs, a 33% improvement in time-to-market, and 100% adoption by business units.

Download the case study to learn how P&G transformed consumer engagement with Mindtree as the digital anchor partner.

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