Sixth Sense of Retail

Mindtree commissioned a new study to understand how rapidly evolving digital trends like social media, mobile applications and automation are reshaping the way retailers can engage with customers. Titled "Sixth Sense of Retail", the study is based on a survey conducted with 2,000 consumers across in UK by Censuswide - an independent polling company.
The study has identified widely diverse shopper preferences across age and gender pertaining to new retail technologies like automation, artificial intelligence and robotics. Some of the salient findings are:
  • The vast majority (78%) of over 55s said they wouldn’t be happy to visit and be served at a store run entirely by robots/tech with no human’s present
  • 46% of younger adults are most influenced by Facebook in their purchasing decision
  • 35% of shoppers believe mobile technology such as tablets would improve the shopping experience

The above findings only scratch the surface, but the full survey study provides retailers with a treasure trove of insights to reshape the consumer shopping experience.

Take a look at the Infographic for a sneak peek into the four essential steps retailers should take to strike the right balance between human touch and technology.

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