Transform Customer Engagement with a Platform Approach

As enterprises search for the most effective operating model to drive their digital marketing strategies, many are finding that speed of execution, quality of service, risk mitigation and cost management can be achieved through a platform approach.

This E-Book explores how a Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) – a set of standardized components, templates, integration points and services needed to execute effective customer engagement strategies – can support dramatic transformation.

Learn about the three approaches to deploy a CEP: ‘Separate Options’ as often a starting point; ‘Loosely Coupled’ as an interim stage; and the ‘Common Platform’ approach that accelerates business benefits. Discover how Mindtree has helped companies achieve a 33% decrease in total cost of ownership (TCO) and 33% decrease in time-to-market while achieving 100% adoption by business units through the proper use of CEP.

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