Navigating Your Journey Through Managed Services

Learn how to transform your IT and reduce your total cost of ownership by 45% or more.

Your Managed Services journey

Learn how to cut costs so you can self-fund growth initiatives. An expert Managed Services guide can help you map a smart path to streamlining processes, outsourcing services and rearchitecting systems. With a customized plan in place, your Managed Services provider can begin to optimize IT and increase efficiencies through continuous improvements.

Discover how Managed Services providers:
  • Guarantee savings every year so you can invest in growth opportunities such as digital and analytics
  • Optimize the run-the-business side of IT to accelerate innovation
  • Deliver continuous improvements to productivity, quality and time to market


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Take a peek inside Navigating Your Journey Through Managed Services

Explore the 10 essentials for transforming IT. This packing guide will ensure a successful trip.


Agile is not just a set of practices that helps modern organizations become more transparent, flexible and collaborative. It is also a culture that lets IT keep up with the pace of the digital world.

By applying Agile processes such as daily stand-ups, two-week sprints and detailed project road maps, cross-functional teams can identify and remove obstacles quickly. This increased visibility helps teams deliver projects faster and with fewer errors.

Lean IT

Lean IT is an ongoing process for improving delivery and an essential component of any Managed Services engagement. It applies strict efficiency processes and metrics to identify and eliminate waste and unproductive activities in each ecosystem. These activities detract value from your business, result in lost revenue, reduce productivity or lead to poor customer service.


This approach brings the efficiencies and integration of Agile into software development and operations. It promotes greater collaboration between application development and operations or release management teams. Developers receive immediate feedback from operational teams as they create software, and in turn the operational teams get more frequent updates. DevOps results in faster release cycles and fewer errors by enabling unified teams to fail fast and fail cheap.


Mindtree’s approach to automation rests on one key tenet: Automate everything we possibly can. We explore all phases of the life cycle for opportunities to automate, then apply an outcome-driven approach and appropriate technologies to automate even more. Finally, we repeat this process at the platform level to include automation components, building technologies as needed.

Process optimization

Mindtree follows the latest standards and industry best practices to deliver results efficiently and effectively. We use our industry-leading toolkit, ATLAS Scorecard, to standardize current maturity levels across the Managed Services portfolio.

A 10-point score helps establish a baseline, identify strengths and note opportunities for improvement. Based on these findings, we collaborate with the client on a detailed road map. The score and road map become the basis for tracking and measuring progress and ensuring continuous improvements.


During the initial transition planning phase, Mindtree gathers data to measure current performance and establish KPIs for the project. During each subsequent phase of work, these metrics are evaluated. In the optimization stage, Mindtree provides periodic measurements of the implemented solution through daily, weekly and monthly reports with metrics and incidents.


Governance is essential to the success of every project—especially when the ecosystem involves several third parties working together to meet business objectives. That’s why Mindtree establishes a clear governance structure and processes at the earliest stage of work: transition planning. These practices continue throughout the engagement to let all necessary stakeholders provide oversight and remove any obstacles to completing the work.


Organizations can’t afford to lose valuable IT staff during transitions―particularly those with critical knowledge of tools and processes. If rebadging is required, it is essential to find a Managed Services partner that is capable of navigating the process.


To help scale Managed Services projects quickly while maximizing cost savings, Mindtree offers a global delivery model that blends onsite, onshore, near-shore and offshore resources based on client requirements. We also leverage our global delivery centers to rightsize and rightsource your IT organization.


Mindtree’s complete output-based, workflow-driven Managed Services platform includes toolkits, dashboards and accelerators that help oversee the full life cycle of your enterprise applications.

This exceptionally agile model promotes enterprise growth across the entire maturity road map, from transition to optimization to transformation―and it offers customized pricing models to ensure flexible, affordable solutions.

improved business agility

increased productivity

enhanced project visibility

*Source: 10th annual "State of Agile Report," stateofagile.versionone.com

Lean IT can lower costs by


time to pay back investment*

*Source: "The Total Economic Impact™ of Mindtree Infrastructure Management Services," Forrester, October 2015

Up to 5% productivity gains for minimal automation

at full maturity level

Results in


of leaders say that a lack of data and ROI prevent digital innovation

*Source: "The 2016 State of Digital Transformation," Altimeter Group

of employees accept rebadging offers

remain at Mindtree after two years

employee satisfaction rate

5 delivery centers worldwide



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